Travel & Hospitality

24x7 availability to resolve customer queries. Recommend customers about products, services and new offers based on their past choices of travel packages. Increase the prospect of securing new customers via leads generated using the bot.

Use Cases

Let the bot plan your travel

Life and business don’t only happen between 9AM-5PM and customers are already accustomed to 24/7 service and instant gratification. The chatbot can answer any questions coming from any corner of the world, and with a bit of thoughtful design, it can do so in a language that is familiar to the client. By automating simple and repetitive tasks, money and time up to 4 minutes per inquiry can be saved. When equipped with natural language processing abilities, our bot can answer questions much like a personal assistant. With a priori knowledge of the client’s preferences and accepted price ranges, our bots can create better offers and try to push whatever offer is currently running.

Travel Planning

Bot serves as a virtual travel agent and shares suggestions based on users' travel preferences

Availability Status

Inform customers about availability of rooms, flights, etc.

Refunds and Cancellations

Automate the handling of refunds and cancellations


Answer FAQs and queries related to your service


Recommend the right package, property or holiday destination based on user profile

Trip Information

Keep users informed about the details of their journey, check ins, flight status etc.

Booking Support

Handle end-to-end support over chat using bots and human agents

CRM Integration

Directly create tickets for offline resolution of user queries

Human Chat

Route complex queries to human agents in real time